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Let Empire East Highland City give you endless reasons why investing in the first elevated city in the country is t… https://t.co/USAtfLjQle

Due to the imposed Enhanced Community Quarantine in Metro Manila, our project showrooms and head office are closed… https://t.co/ez5cq0vhFu

Ever wondered how it feels like to live in the sustainable and luxurious uphill community in the east? Read on and… https://t.co/cfR36Uh9Bc

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@PaddingtonShaw @PaddingtonShaw | The Paddington Place is your Modern Cosmopolitan Enclave located long Shaw Boulev… https://t.co/BkjOqtycoo

Let’s reach out to others by starting in our own families. #TheGivingWeek https://t.co/6Fsfd45j3a

Amid our aim to #FightCOVID19, let us be reminded of responsible consumption and proper water conservation. 1. Was… https://t.co/eaW1T0oB40

Join us in celebrating #TheGivingWeek by making a small effort to practice generosity within your community. Challe… https://t.co/gmJXYDrMD9

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How to keep your condo clean and virus-free: 1. Decide where to start 2. Use disinfectant wipes for quick cleaning… https://t.co/J8Z1iUjotN

Given the circumstances that we face today, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and decide your investment strategy now.… https://t.co/OQ8gHnF1ua

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Elevate your living experience with Empire East Highland City. Your luxurious uphill community where comfort and lu… https://t.co/cyytzw7U9h

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